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Supernatural - Ghost Facers!

Ghost... Ghost Facers!!!!

That terrible theme was in my head for like EVER after the show. I am so glad we came back around to the guys from Hell House to see how they have evolved.

They haven't, really, except to expand their ranks and call themselves Ghost Facers instead of Hell Hounds. Probably to parody Ghost Hunters, or Ghost Chasers.

This was a parody of a reality show in which Sam and Dean were the surprise guest stars. It starts with Ed and Harry from the Season One Ep Hell House as they introduce themselves and their crew as if they are making a reality TV series pilot.

Sam can thank himself for this, I think, since he was the one who put Hollywood in their heads.
They spend time introducing the new crew. The original self depicted lone wolves, Ed and Harry. They do not explain how, if they are more than one, they can not really be alone. A similar problem in the movie Airheads, which I think was in some small way something of a parallel in human stupidity.

Moving on.

The introduce Spruce, who is 15/16ths Jewish, 1/16th Native American. He's a self styled shamanish type.
Then Maggie, Ed's adopted sister. She has to be adopted, because she's of a completely Asian descent. Then there's Corbett, the token gay who is so painfully optimistic he really does need that hug and a too precious for this world speech.

We see that Ed and Harry's operation is not much more advanced than when they were in the trailer. They are now in Dad's garage. Happily, they move out to the house they are going to investigate. A house that becomes the most haunted place around every four years.

They are standing outside the gate when there's a delicious rumble of a car coming. And then there's the sound of classic rock blasting. The Ghost Facer crew ducks, mumbling about how they are hoping its not cops because they did not get a permit to investigate this house.

A flashlight beam shines from that hotass Impala and Ed relaxes as they drive away. He says: Not cops, just hicks. WOOT! Oh, Ed, you ARE the fearless loser! I LUV U.

They go in. They set up cams in the corners and check in as they make a Base Camp that Harry quickly dubs The Eagle's Nest. Harry has these moments where things like that dribble out of his mouth.
They split into two teams. Ed and Corbett go togethr, and the other three go in a different direction.

We follow Harry's team for the first contact. They start doing the whole investigative thing, using the wild handheld and head mounted camera techniques of bad reality TV everywhere, stating who they are and who they want to talk to and then their equipment starts going funny.

The EMF starts gageing. They get a ghost reliving it's death on video and woo are they excited!

Meanwhile, Ed and Corbett are in another part of the house, doing much the same thing. Suddenly a door bursts open and a voice shouts out police, don't move, blah blah blah. It's Dean.

Sam and Dean start getting on Corbett and Ed's case about being there and telling them to leave when Ed recognizes them. I know you guys. Both of you!

Dean's like, sure you do. He totally doesn't remember but then Sam says:
oh Sh*bleep*t. And a little illustrated skull with burning red eyes shows up over his mouth as he says it. He explains to Dean. Place in Texas, the tulpa, and Dean lowers his flashlight a little and says F*bleep*k me. Little skull popping up to cover his mouth.

Dean's still trying to convince Ed and Corbett to leave, pushing them along the hall. They get to the 'base camp' and thats when the rest of the Ghost Facers show up. The Camera shows Ed, then Sam and Dean. Then goes to Harry when he says HEY!

Aren't those a*bleep*oles from Texas?

Apt, Harry, very apt. And very true. And then that's when things get really interesting.

More later... must go take care of some business!


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Apr. 26th, 2008 10:26 am (UTC)
I haven't actually read your entire review yet, but OMGosh Yes! That annoying theme has been stuck in my head all day too!
Jun. 12th, 2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
i know exactly what u mean im going around sining ghost facers lol
Jan. 19th, 2011 07:01 am (UTC)
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Wow,so niceeee!! Thanks exchange for sharing!
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